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MIZU Power Master 6 & 8-cylinder

incl. instruction sheet
Product information "MIZU Power Master 6 & 8-cylinder"

Get out what's inside!That’s what MIZU Technology as a tuning specialist for boats and marine products stands for. p>

In particular, american motors are usually delivered with significantly rich mixture - it costs performance and negatively affects the fuel consumption. p>.

With the MIZU Power Master, which is an electronic power module, we give you the opportunity to eradicate this problem in the most simple way. The 2 included lambda sensors, gauge the mixture ratio of aid and gas in the exhaust.

In practice, this ensures significantly lower emissions, more power and a tremendous fuel economy, especially at partial load.

Furthermore the fuel mixture curve itself and can be individually adjusted and saved as a "maping". For example, a leaner mixture in the lower speed range is possible, while it is much richer in the upper area - ideal for enough power for wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Our MIZU Power Master offers you:

  • More power with less fuel consumption li>
  • Individual cylinder bank management li>
  • Free programming and storing maps li>
  • Easy installation li>
  • Optimized maps for many models available

Long-term tests on a 5.7 liter marine injected engine have shown fuel savings of around 28% and an increased performance by up to 10%.

For technically skilled boaters, the installation is quite easy and a downgrade is possible at any time. But if you need help, or want us to install the Power Master to your boat, please feel free to contact us any time.

The MIZU Power Master module is suitable for the following engines:

Volvo Penta / Mercruiser

  • 4.3 liter / 6-cylinder
  • 5.0 Liter / 8-cylinder
  • 5.7 Liter / 8-cylinder
  • 6.2 Liter / 8-cylinder
  • 8.1 Liter / 8-cylinder

The prices do not include installation and programming.

A lambda connection is necessary per catalytic converter. If not so, the MIZU Technology adapter plate has to be mounted.

We accept no liability for any damage caused by incorrectly adjusted Power Master modules or change included Maps. Please contact us or let one of our technicians perform the installation when you want to change the settings of the supplied Maps.